Warm Greetings everyone.

Strength Heart and Wisdom to you all!

I’ve just been asked if there is a specific Entering Ritual in Leonorian Witchcraft.

That is, the way people get ready to begin their gatherings.

The simple answer is no.

Leonorian Witchcraft Rituals and Ceremonies are designed to be easily used within all kinds of Covens, so the bringing of people together for the purpose of Ritual or Ceremonial work follows whatever form the group would usually use.

For instance, the form used by a dear friend – who, for the purpose of this message I shall call “The Witch Creator General” – begins with everyone gathering in a room separate from the Ritual Space, where they change into their Ritual clothing (if they have it), which may or may not be removed before the Rituals begin.

Then one by one they are brought into the Sacred Space where they are Welcomed with various Questions and the 5-fold kiss, after which they sit, Ready, in the Circle.

The Great Circle of the Order of the Red Rose includes those who are Coven Leaders and Adepts from other Forms, who now also, lovingly, Practise Leonorian Witchcraft.

So we draw Meetings together in whatever Way is appropriate at the time, guided by the Leader or Adept who has called the Meeting.

Sometimes, Entering Rituals are spontaneously decided upon at the time and follow no specific form.

When everyone is focused and made Ready, the Rituals begin.

Whereas other Forms would use their own, various Rituals at this point: Wiccan, Satanic, Pagan, Xtian etc., in this Form, when everyone is Ready, Leonorian Witchcraft Rituals, Ceremonies, and Workings are used.

Leonorian Rituals are Finished with Cupped Hands Thanks, as usual, and Meetings are then continued or closed according to the Methods used within the group.

So, whatever Entering Ritual you or your Coven use to bring the group together is fine for the Practise of Leonorian Witchcraft.

The difference in Form begins when everyone is Ready – The Insignia is Acknowledged and We Walk the Circle.

Round and Round.

In the Service of the Craft.

Leonora xx

Yoga info ..

Warm greetings everyone.

If you practise or teach any form of Yoga, please watch this:


Ipsissima x

This Hallowed Day ..

This Hallowed Day ..

As the Stars foretell… The Veil is thin,,

It’s all so important, my darlings.

Between the veil and the next we seem to be…

It’s all so important, my dear.

Ask your questions of those who Know ..

That it’s not so important, my darlings.

Between the veil and the next we seem to be…

Adrift and aloft

And free

Ipsissima xx

2 Logical Questions..

Warm greetings everyone,

Here’s a wonderful video from Sadhguru:
Great Religions of the World can’t Withstand 2 Logical Questions


This explanation falls exactly in line with our point of view, and is why I developed the very important “I Am Here” working for you.

So you can be sure your focus is placed correctly, and without doubt.

Ipsissima xx

Greetings from the Inner Circle.

Here is a glimpse into the realm of the known and the unknown.

Consider this..

We’re all born psychic.

Every little boy and girl has a natural, wordless sense of its surroundings which tends to fade as they learn to speak. Some of us stop using this ability almost entirely as we grow. Others of us retain it.

Either way it never leaves us.

Studying, and more importantly practising the Craft can, as a side effect, bring this awareness more fully forward once again, so that we can access it in the same way we did when we were children.

However, expanding or extending that awareness is not the aim or the intent of the Craft.

It’s a byproduct.

A side effect.

As are many other abilities that can be enhanced via the Study.

That is to say, if you’ve chosen to Practise the Craft in any form just so you can become more psychic, or because you think you are psychic, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

May your days and nights be blessed

In the Service of the Craft.

Ipsissima xx

A Newly Formed Road..

Thought for the day:

“A new road replaces the old one, but the newly formed circuitous route that replaces the well-known track offers even more wonder, enriching the way home”

Ipsissima xx

Thought for the day:

Depending on the Form you work with, the Practise of the Craft can be tough, especially as a Neophyte trying to figure things out.

To increase your chances of getting off to a good start, it can be useful to have auxiliary skills that COMPLEMENT your Practice.

Understanding the Tools of your Craft is a great skill.

Knowing about crystals, or tarot cards, or plants and herbs can be valuable even if you don’t do readings or healing work.

Understanding about different Forms of the Craft can help when Working with others in public or group settings, too.

You could also explore the various Theories and Philosophies of the Craft in an academic sense, by reading Spell books, or Books of Shadows, or stories and Guidelines written by various Elders and Mystics who Practise or Teach other Forms.

Even technical skills like cooking, building or making things, or any other scientific or artistic skill can help open new and interesting ways to Practise and Learn..

Whatever the complementary skills you choose to develop, your versatility in those areas will lead you toward a deeper Understanding of the Craft.

And, of course, remember that the Cycle of Creation happens Once.
And Always.

Ipsissima xx